It’s all about the bride… Mexi-sweet and Loverly

 I’m very excited to share with you this collaboration with loverly If you are getting married or know somebody who’s about to get married you have to check out this awesome website!  Their mission is to make wedding planning simple and fun! They asked me to style a wedding dress and this is the one I’ve chosen. I think this dress is gorgeous, elegant and glamorous. Conservative on the design but the mermaid shape makes it classy sexy at the same time.  Oscar de la Renta Loverly
Now, let’s be honest, weddings are all about the bride. So let’s talk about the accessories. Since the dress is very powerful (in my opinion) I went for classic but beautiful items. I wanted simple earring pearls, but when I saw these ones and they had the pearls and some tiny sparkly stones I thought they were perfect. The bracelet is just something delicate that won’t interfere with anything else. The shoes are classic but the strap makes them a little sexy.  Since the dress is covers them up,the groom will be the only one who gets to enjoy them that night 😉 . I choose a little flower for the hair to make it feminine and simple, since the dress has a turtle neck we want the hair up!
Now the makeup. I decided to go with neutral tones. I’m not a makeup expert, but I think  that with this dress we should emphasize the sparkly  beautiful eyes that every bride has! A pretty nude color for the lips so all the attention goes to the eyes. Also a pretty nude nail polish to complement the romanticism of the lace on the dress and we’re done! Ready for the big day!
I hope you like it and thanks for reading!

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